our objectives !

Federation of Indian Granite & Stone Industry

  • ➽    To Promote Granite, Marble and Natural Stone and Allied Industries at National and International level.

  • ➽    To promote industries for Natural Stones i.e., Mining, Quarrying, Processing, Machineries, Tools, Equipment, Consumables,

  • ➽    To promote and exchange technological developments in the field of Natural Stone Industries of India, i.e. technological up gradation.

  • ➽    To promote dynamic, healthy and co-operative approach to Natural Stone Industry/Trade in India and abroad.

  • ➽    To promote and maintain good relationship with the Natural Stones Industries and Trade in India and Abroad.

  • ➽    To help maintaining standards in quality and recommend prices for various types and qualities of Granite, Natural Stones and finished products.

  • ➽    To represent before Central, State, Local Governments, Corporations and other bodies, the problems encountered by Natural Stone Industry/Trade to seek proper remedies and to extend help for suitable enactment of rules in the interest of stone industries.

  • ➽    To publish literature, House Journal & News Letters concerning the Technology, Commerce, news and updates, related to industry.

  • ➽    To enlighten Members with the market situations, various opportunities and avenues in different countries for Indian Natural Stones. Conduct Market Surveys, Workshops, send Trade Delegations, Exchange Information, Statistics, Technical Developments for Mutual Benefit between India and other countries with a view to promote Indian Natural Stone / Industry.

  • ➽    To hold National & International Exhibitions, Fairs, Buyer-Seller Meets, Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Market Surveys, Promotional Campaigns for development of India's Natural Stone Industries as a whole, on each and every aspects and facet and open representative offices for smooth working in this respect.

  • ➽    To maintain a Library with important books, publications, International and National Magazines, Gazettes, Official Notifications etc., on Natural Stones and Allied industries.

  • ➽    To create a first class Research Laboratory and Development Wing equipped with all necessary equipment, machinery, tools and related items to provide service on Technology, Commerce and Industrial requirements for development and advancement of Natural Stone Industries, with the assistance from Central Govt. & State Govt. Agencies and National and International Agencies wherever possible and necessary. To build exhibition centre of international standard jointly / severally with assistance from central / state govt., national /international agencies.

  • ➽    To promote & Organize Training of Workmen/ Supervisors/ Executives/ Entrepreneurs of Natural Stone Industry. To establish R&D Centre, stone testing lab and establishment of training institute relating to natural stone industry. Cluster Development Programme: To assist various associations to implement and develop the cluster programme and liaison with Govt. agencies and other associations.

  • ➽    To establish world class trade center to conduct International Exhibition for promotion of Stone Industry.

  • ➽    To formulate various sub-committees to deal with the different disciplines concerned with Natural Stone Industry, Commerce, Technology and Industry.

  • ➽    To arbitrate and settle disputes between the Members and foreign Buyers / Sellers, among the members and other industries people, when referred to by both the Parties by resorting to ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution) methods. To advise on the laws prevailing in the foreign country if possible and remedies available and cost of litigation. To liaise with various Chambers of Commerce, Embassies, Consulates, ECGC etc. for speedy redressal. If proved of a fraudulent act, the names of the Members/Foreign Company to be published in the house Journal for abundant caution in future dealings.

  • ➽    To help maintain a co-operative, broad minded good spirit of business relationships among the members.

  • ➽    To co-ordinate with other Stone organizations in India and Abroad and work in harmony for growth of the stone industry.

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