Federation of Indian Granite & Stone Industry

HISTORY :Federation of Indian Granite and Stone Industry (FIGSI) is a All India body having 1,200 members throughout the country serving for the benefit of Natural Stone Industry of India for the last 33 years.

The history of the association can be traced back to the year 1983, wherein it was felt that the problems of the quarrying, processing and exports need to be addressed. The following founder members unanimously resolved to form an Association by name of “All India Granites & Stone Association” and also take the necessary action to register the above association with the Registrar of Societies in Karnataka, Bangalore under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960.

• Shri V K Poddar of M/s Hind Nippon Rural Industries Pvt Ltd Bangalore
• Shri P R Someshekar of M/s Muddereswara Mining Industries Bangalore
• Shri Richards of M/S Richards and Co, Bangalore
• Shri R Sekar of M/s Gem Granites, Madras
• Shri S Rajani Kanth of M/s Prasad Granites, Bangalore
• Shri S Krishna Prasad of M/s Granites International, Bangalore
• Shri Tushar Mehta of M/s Precison Granites Pvt Ltd Bangalore
• Shri Y R Shah of M/s Oriental Select Granites Pvt Ltd Bangalore
• Shri S Subba Rao of M/s Bharath Granites Pvt Ltd Bangalore
• Shri S A Narayanaswamy of M/s Karnataka Rural Industries Bangalore
• Shri Haroon Rashid of M/s Tabrez International Chamrajanagar
• Shri Sajjan Raj of M/s Sheesha Enterprises Bangalore
• Shri V Mathikatti of M/s Muddeereswara Mining Industries, Bangalore
• Shri N Sathyamurthy of M/s Oriental Select Granites Pvt Ltd Bangalore

It was unanimously resolved to form a Committee of members of the above Association for the Committee to prepare the Memorandum and Rules and Regulations of the Association.

Mr. Veeramani R: President
Mr. V K Poddar: Vice President
Mr. Sajjan Raj: Vice President
Mr. S Subba Rao: General Secretary
Mr. S A Narayanaswamy: Joint Secretary
Mr. Y R Shah: Treasurer
Mr. S R Somashekar: Committee Member
Mr. Munawar Basha : Committee Member
Mr. Haroon Rashid: Committee Member
Mr. Ziaulla Sherif : Committee Member
Mr. Prasad Rao: Committee Member
Mr. P S Raju: Committee Member
Mr. Richards: Committee Member
Mr. O P Thyagi: Committee Member
Mr. Venkatesh : Committee Member

The General Secretary Mr S Subba Rao was authorized to receive the communications from time to time from the Registrar of Societies pertaining to the above Association. Seven members were authorized to be the signitories to the Memorandum and Rules and Regulations of the Association. It was resolved that there should be two classes of Memberships in the Association with the following scales of subscription.

Ordinary Member- Rs 250.00 per annum
Life Member: 5,000 one time payment

It was further resolved that the admission fee be collected at Rs 100/ along with the application for admission from the above classes of members. Initially it was decided to enroll ordinary members and after six months of working of the Association to open the enrolment for Life Membership. It was decided to take necessary action at the appropriate time to affiliate the association with the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Bangalore, All India Federation of Chambers of Commerce and other such associations in India and abroad as the Association deems it necessary.

A general discussion was made with regard to the problems facing the Granite/Stone trade in the matter of getting the renewal of leases, obtaining of fresh leases, movement of Granite blocks from Quarries and the various troubles facing with the Rayat Sangh in Karnataka and in Kankpura in particular.

By the year 1986-87 there were 178 members which consisted of Life Members and other members. As the momentum picked up and the members grew several issues pertaining to the Granite and Stone Trade were taken up at frequent intervals and representations were given to the Central government from the mining industry to get benefits of 100% Export Oriented Units. The Government considered such representations carefully and decided to extend the benefits of 100% EOU to the mining projects and integrated projects involving mining.

The first issue of the House Journal was released in November 1987. The House Journal was bimonthly publication and as such till March 89 issues had been published.

The 1st International Granite and Stone’s Fair was conducted in Bangalore in Bangalore in the year 1987 by name Stona 87. The second Stona Exhibition was held in the year 1992. The third Stona was held in 1996, Fourth stona in 1999, Fifth Stona exhibition was held in 2002. Further as per the suggestion made by the Ministry of Mines Stona was converted to a biennial event and every even year Stona is being conducted. This was recommended by GOI mines department wherein one International Fair shall be held in Jaipur and one in Bangalore so that every year there will be an international stone fair in India.

During the year 2013, some of our visionaries felt the need for change of name from All India Granite and Stone Industry to Federation of Indian Granite and Stone Industry since some of the Granite Associations have become members of our All India Granite and Stone Industry. Accordingly the Association name ie All India Granite and Stone Industry got converted to Federation of Indian Granite and Stone Industry (FIGSI) with effect from 1.4.2014. This has given more credibility and weightage in the eyes of the Government and has been recognized by the State and Central Government.

FIGSI conducts International Stone Fair popularly known as STONA once in 2 years regularly. The next Stona Fair is scheduled from 7th to 10th February 2018. The countries which are participating are Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Iran, Portugal and other European countries. The aim of STONA 2018 is to give the natural stone industry in India a significant growth opportunity with higher visibility, a professional oriented visitor profile and extremely efficient business development modules. STONA enjoys participation by the Who’s Who of the industry, both National and International, as exhibitors and visitors.

The Chief objective of the Federation being promotion of the Natural Stone Industries, which come under the category of Ornamental or Decorative building stones like Granites, Marbles, Sandstones, Slates, Quartzite and ancillary and auxiliary Industries of Machinery, Tools, Abrasives, Consumables related to stone Industries and conduct Conferences, workshops on each and every aspect of Stone Industry.

Federation of Indian Granites and Stones Industry (FIGSI) is in the process of establishing R & D Training Center for the benefit of Indian Natural Stone Industry and as a first step has already purchased an area of about 32 acres near Hosur.

The Federation is working hard to make this training center as world class center with all the latest technology and facility.

Recognizing the services of the Federation, FIGSI has been taken in various committees formed by Government of India for the betterment of the Stone Industry of India. Following are the major committees in which FIGSI has been given a chance to serve.

1. Granite development Council : The important committee formed to look into the various aspects of the stone industry, which is having members from State Governments of Karnataka Tamilnadu Kerala, Orissa, Rajasthan, Gujarath, Andhara Pradesh, GSI, IBM, FIMI, FIGSI and selected big industry representatives. In view of the efforts of the FIGSI, GDC formulated the Granite conservation and Development rules (GCDR- 1999) which was gazette in 1999. This has become a boon to the mining industry by having provision for long term lease which already many of the State Governments have started implementing.

2. Group of Marble Development : This committee was also formed by the Ministry of Mines, Government of India which drafted the rules for the Marble Mining Industry in line with Granite Industry. In this committee representation from Rajasthan Gujarat, GSI, IBM,FIMI and FIGSI was there . The Marble conservation and Development 2002 was formulated in the year 2002.

3. FIGSI is in the Executive Committee of SMI, EC (Sustainable Mining Initiative) which is formed by the FIMI.

4. Apart from the above, FIGSI has submitted memorandum on various issues and problems faced by the Industry with respective State governments and Central Government.

The Federation of Indian Granite and Stone Industry (FIGSI) has added a feather in the cap by becoming an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization. The ISIO 9001:2008 certification signified that FIGSI’s management systems and process related to service provision to its members and industry are in conformity with requirements of this international standard and it reflects transparency and set process of functioning of FIGSI.

We are the member of Marble Institute of America, USA and Geology Society of India, Bangalore.

The key benefits of the certification being well defined and documented procedure to improve efficiency, standardized process and systems to ensure consistency in delivery of services.

FIGSI is committed to maintain its certification and shall continuously strive to bring improvement in its systems and process to meet expectations.

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